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USEA provides a platform for players to interact with their community and organization, hone their skills through our coaching programs, and put them to the test within a structured environment to extract the maximum benefit and achieve their highest potential. USEA is designed for the players and takes a unique approach to bring the benefits from traditional sports to esports while staying true to the esports ethos.

For Organization

USEA believes all our clients are unique. So we provide the level of support needed for your school or organization. Our mission is to ensure our clients have all the tools they need to create and maintain a successful esports program through our packages and wide range of support services.

USEA Portal


The USEA Portal is explicitly designed to support the scholastic esports environment through our coaching services, tournament opportunities, and e-commerce facilities, along with unique tools tailored to support scholastic esports programs for the organization and player.

USEA is dedicated to the continued development of our portal to ensure that we continue to become more user-friendly and develop desired features for both players and organizations to navigate their esports journey better.

We run live chat support on the USEA Portal to ensure we are never further than a click away from assisting our clients.

Zag Academy - gamers into athletes - united states esports federation - for gamers by gamers - esports athletes - esports

STEM Accredited Education Experiences

USEA offers STEM Accredited Education Experiences through Structured Esports Coaching Programs

Our Partners

Challenger Sports

Our core strategic partner. With over 30 successful years in sports coaching and youth sports – experts in world-class coaching programs, camps, Teamwear tournaments, and tours.



USEA - zag academy - gamers into athletes - united states esports federation - for gamers by gamers - esports athletes - esportsUnited States Esports Federation

The governing body for esports in the USA and our regulatory partner.



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