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United States Esports Academy has developed its remote coaching program internationally since 2016. We are proud to be the most comprehensive esports academy. Our hybrid high-performance training program combines all the traditional benefits of long-term athlete development (LTAD) with a STEM approach to coaching esports.

We model our programs around a body of curriculums tailored for over 16 game titles and updated with every patch. We create all our learning and coaching materials collaborating with international esports athletes, coaches, sports psychologists, and other industry experts.

We help schools overcome the shortage of skilled esports educators and coaches by being their knowledge base and providing experienced coaches with the industry and esports knowledge to develop and supply a comprehensive program. We do this by facilitating, administrating, and providing coaching for high school and collegial esports programs.

USEA believes in a complete ecosystem approach, and for this reason, our solutions provide opportunities and growth at different levels and areas of the esports industry. Aspiring athletes develop and mature into better, more skilled versions of themselves. Top-level athletes are provided an opportunity to support their ambitions to follow esports as a career in coaching. Organizations through our services better support their members and provide higher quality programs. Whether athletes or not, other students have the opportunity to intern on various of our projects in broadcasting and events to obtain relevant experience.

How do we get you started?

USEA believes all our clients are unique, so we provide the level of support needed for your school or organization. Our mission is to ensure our clients have the necessary tools to create and maintain a successful esports program through our packages and support services. We have different packages for schools, starting from a free package to packages with intensive program support from USEA.

Players can register for free on our portal and immediately enroll for coaching or enter our tournaments. Onboarding organizations to the USEA programs take only a few simple steps. Our relationship support teams are ready to help you through the process to get started.

Contact us through the button below or our online chat to get in touch and schedule a meeting with our sales team today.

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STEM Accredited Education Experiences

USEA offers STEM Accredited Education Experiences through Structured Esports Coaching Programs

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Challenger Sports

Our core strategic partner. With over 30 successful years in sports coaching and youth sports – experts in world-class coaching programs, camps, Teamwear tournaments, and tours.



United States Esports Federation

With over 30 successful years in sports coaching and youth sports – experts in world-class coaching programs, camps, Teamwear tournaments, and tours.



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