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USEA’s proven remote coaching model is implemented in various parts of the world. Esports is diverse, and so is the management and coaching of esports programs. USEA provides a unique solution where we match our trained and certified esports coaches from over 16 game titles directly with scholastic players. We integrate the traditional LTAD model and all the proven developmental benefits to the exciting world of scholastic esports.

Learn from the best

We use only the highest-skilled coaches in our programs – you might even know some of them!
All USEA coaches complete the same child safety and fundamentals training as soccer coaches, the Virtus Program, and USEA’s own internal training.

Dynamic curriculum based coaching

The strength of USEA is in the curriculum and the caliber of the coaching. All USEA materials are designed with the 6 C’s of 21st-century learning in mind. In addition, all our materials are constantly updated and adjusted.

How we Coach

USEA’s coaching model was first developed in 2016 and had since been constantly evolving. However, the core principle is simple. We train highly skilled players to be our coaches and support them with the over 5000 pages of USEA coaching curriculums developed for over 16 game titles. Our curriculums are constantly updated after every game change and patch by our analysts.
The majority of USEA coaching programs run at a cost of $20, or less, per hour per player


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Finding Coaching

Through the USEA Portal, players sign up for coaching in either single sessions, batch sessions, or specific workshops. All coaching takes place in our secure communication servers.

will work with schools to build our fixed schedule programs for coaching to work in harmony with the school’s requirements and other activities.

How we Coach

The majority of
USEA coaching
programs run at
a cost of $20, or
less, per hour
per player

Coaching Formats

The typical USEA coaching session lasts 3 hours and consists of 3 core segments:
Our theory segments focus on fundamental- and game knowledge, statistics, and other game theory.
The practical segments focus on the improvement of skills and mechanics.
During analysis, we identify critical developmental areas and analyze tactics and strategies.

Supporting our Schools and Organizations

USEA believes all our clients are unique, so we provide the level of support needed for your school or organization. Our mission is to ensure our clients have the necessary tools to create and maintain a successful esports program through our packages and support services. We have different packages for schools, starting from a free package to packages with intensive program support from USEA



  • Organization creation on the USEA
  • Students receive access to USEA
    coaching and Tournament

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$1749 p.a

  • Organization creation on the USEA
  • Dedicated communication server
    creation and maintenance
  • Annual team tryouts hosted by


$3500 p.a

  • All essential package items
  • Parents & Players Informative and
    Q&A Session. Esports Online
  • Premium design packs (kit&merch)
  • Premium discounts on all USEA

Support Services

At USEA, we believe in a complete ecosystem approach. Therefore, we strive to provide our clients with excellent service and all the tools they require to facilitate all their esports dreams.

USEA has a robust offering of bespoke support services tailored to ensure our clients need to look no further when turning their concepts into reality. So contact us today to support your next sports project.

list of services

  • Hosting of Workshops and Forums
  • Tournament Facilitation
  • Sourcing Talent and Staff
  • Equipment Consulting and Procurement Services
  • Facility Design and Installation
  • Streaming Design and Streaming Setup Support
  • Design and Merchandising
  • Content Capturing and Montage Creation
  • Live Production Services


Through the USEA Platform, we host our tournaments. The majority of these tournaments focus on scholastic, collegiate, and community-driven markets.


We have hosted events on over three continents for 3rd parties. Through the USEA portal and event services, we can facilitate any tournament from the launch and marketing to regulating and overseeing the event, whether that event takes place virtually or at a physic



Broadcasts are fantastic marketing tools to provide ROI to sponsors and advertisers. USEA provides various broadcast services, from entry-level virtual broadcasts to complete onsite production services.

Recruiting the Best Esport Coaches

A crucial part of our program is the quality of the coaches we recruit. Therefore, we recruit the very best players and teams within the US esports scene to utilize them as coaches within our program. In addition, all our coaches undergo our internal training program and complete a coaching fundamentals course, and some complete the VIRTUS program.

We continuously work hard to drive innovation in the esports coaching sector, and our curriculum is updated with every new patch release for every game title. This ensures that our materials are entirely up to date and are ever-improving. So, if you think that you have what it takes to be one of our coaches, contact us today!

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STEM Accredited Education Experiences

USEA offers STEM Accredited Education Experiences through Structured Esports Coaching Programs